Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Collectif needs your old photographs!

I was giving my house a well needed spring clean this weekend when I came across these very old photographs I bought from a vintage store in Brighton. They were only a few pennies each and I was absolutely fascinated, thinking about how they got there. Did people find them in their lofts? Who are the people in them? Are any of these people still around today? Anyway, I soon noticed all the pictures had one thing in common. The way people dressed back in that era. Do you see any jeans/hoodies/t-shirts? No us either. This was an age when people would recoil in horror at the thought of "casual" wear. Infact, this was their casual wear.

This got me thinking, when did it become OK to leave the house in anything other then your best clothes? All the people in these photos are dressed to the nines complete with matching hats, pearls and shiny shoes. If you saw a lady pushing a pram around dressed that smart now days you would probably think her eccentric, which is a shame because we think dressing your best is very important here at Collectif.

So in celebration of these well dressed (possibly deceased!) people, we would love it if you could send in any old photographs like this and we will make an album on our Facebook page. It will be great to see how people really used to dress and how times have changed. Either follow the link above and post your photos on the wall, tag us in them in your own albums, or email them to us and we will post them up for you!

If you fancy making a 40's statement, why not try our vintage inspired Button Suit?

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Or like the ladies enjoying a picnic in the top photo, wear a classic 40's style high collared faux fur trim coat. It's an easy way to look dressed up and like you have made a lot of effort, even if you are wearing your scruffiest clothes underneath!

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Remember we also do a selection of hats to top off the look.

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Love the Collectif team XOXO


  1. Those faux-fur trimmed coats are divine! Whilst casual wear was definitely less casual than it is today, I've a feeling many people were unable to afford cameras & film development so probably saved the happy snaps for their best outfits, as well. I think it's a bit of both. I've seen some great shots of teens in the '50s in rolled up jeans, untucked t-shirts and barely styled hair that are just so lovely as well as the more formal attire seen in these. I'll see if I can find some to share :)
    -Andi x

  2. We would love to see them Andi! xoxo