Thursday, 12 July 2012

Winter collection shoot.

Good day lovelies. We have been super busy (as usual) the past few weeks, what with the sale, give away and most recently, the photo shoot for the winter collection. We are super excited about the new styles and hope you all will be too! 

here's a sneaky peek from the shoot last week (taken on a mobile phone, sorry for the shabby quality!).

New hibiscus prints!
You can already buy the new sarong dress by clicking on the picture and the Dolores doll will be coming soon. I know these aren't winter but I got a bit over excited at the shoot what with all the fruit and props!

Oh, also we will have the extremely popular Fenela sunglasses back in the next day. So what if it's not even slightly sunny? These babies were made for posing!

More news to come soon gals!

Love the Collectif team XOXO